The Jacknife Studio

If you like what you see, perhaps we could design a poster for you. They are all hand screen printed using best quality inks and paper. They are strictly limited to a one off print run. All posters are signed and individually numbered making them unique and collectable items of affordable art. Jacknife’s prices start low…and sometimes we’ll even print your band’s posters for free. Get in touch with us and we’ll explain more.


Pop Culture Characters Made from Scrap Metal

We are the high quality Steampunk&Metal arts shop. We have various products, many size ( height 50-270 cm ). We are crazy to create new steampunk&metal arts. We focus on quality&strange works, every items are strong&endurance, coat them by lacquer for protect “Rust”
Every items made by “Mr.Sudjai (Mai) & a skillful team”. Mr.Sudjai is a Thai sculpture artist, have experience over 10 years in steampunk&metal arts. Our workshop is in Phatumthanee (near Bangkok), Thailand

Elegant Driftwood Horse Sculptures

Artist Heather Jansch creates amazing life-sized sculptures of a number of wildlife creatures. However, her main focus and most impressive works to date feature horses. Jansch is a self-professed horse lover. One day, out of the blue, she felt as if she was called upon to make a specific type of art – driftwood sculptures of animals.

real life paintings

american artist alexa meade creates her representational paintings directly on her subjects, covering people and objects in layers of acrylic paint before photographing them. the works offer an unusual conflation of painting, installation, and photography, as the three-dimensional forms are collapsed in space, taking on a 2D appearance in the prints. in her exhibitions, meade frequently paints over small rooms in which a human subject sits for the duration of the show, offering a performative aspect to her work


Oleg Shuplyak’s Optical Illusion Paintings

Sometimes there’s more to the eye than you initially perceive. Apparently just some amazing oil paintings, the works of Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak’s hide a surreal world once you take a step back and watch more closely. Through carefully placed objects, characters, coloring and shadows, there is a second image in the painting which creates an optical illusion.

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magical fantasy worlds

These magical fantasy worlds are the creative work of Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez. The graphic design student and photography enthusiast skillfully crafts his own worlds, making great use of clouds, textures and contrast. His sweetly surreal photo manipulations remind me of Sarolta Bán’s or Luis Beltrán’s work. I just want to jump in and explore.

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