Unique Alphabet Font Illustrations

Unique Alphabet Letter Font Illustrations By Irina Batkova


Be it professional branding, thematic illustrations, hand-drawn concept art or original graphic and web design — they are all crafted skills of her trade. She graduated as a painter, starting her graphic designer career in an advertising agency in 2003. Then she worked for EFM Solutions, Moscow office, and in 2005 came to Articul Media, a well-known group of web design and branding companies, as Creative designer.

Rich practical experience has enabled Irina to start independent action in 2009. She now lives in Moscow and works with her team of professionals.

All work shown here may not be used without the explicit permission of the artist.

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Paula Scher – New York Design

Hello world,

Just to start off this blog of cool things in the design world, let’ s do it with one of the biggest Graphic Designers and Artist that are around at the moment, Paula Scher.

She will be giving a lecture in this year’s OFFSET 2011, together with other big names of the design world.

This video is 45 minutes long so sit back and relax, you can easily skip the first 5 mins.